NairnConnects Business Improvement District seeking to support and grow the Nairn economy. 

BID Open Meeting 29th November

The Nairn BID held its second Open Meeting at the Golf View on 29th November. 58 people attended the meeting from a broad cross section of businesses, event organisers, Councillors and representatives from community led groups. Michael Boylan (Chair) and Alan Rankin (Project Manager) outlined the results of the recent business survey, latest thinking around priority projects, the BID area, possible levy fees and a draft budget. Attendees broke into discussion groups and fed back ideas, questions and views on the BID. The evening was seen as a great success and has helped to broaden understanding and engagement in the BID process. Alan Rankin outlined the timetable through to a vote on 21st June. Further discussions will be held and a third Open Meeting in late January. The full set of slides from the meeting can be downloaded here.

BID BUSINESS SURVEY - Closed October 4th

The NairnConnects BID team will be carrying out a postal survey during September. The BID is posting out on a paper survey form to local non domestic rated property owners and operators. The survey asks local business people what they see as the strengths  and weaknesses of the area, what they see as priorities for the BID and what they want the BID to focus on. If you have a non domestic rated business property and have not received a questionnaire by 15th September please contact Alan Rankin . The survey closes on 4th October.


The NairnConnects BID held a successful Open Meeting at the Golf View on 30th August. over 60 people attended and shared views on what they saw as priorities for the BID.  If you wish to learn more about what was discussed please contact Alan Rankin.

Common BID Activities

Firstly, no two BIDs are the same! Each town has different priorities and different challenges and opportunities. Towns like Nairn have focussed on the tourism and visitor economy. This has led to first time national marketing campaigns, marketing grants from VisitScotland or in some towns a focus on a year long programme of events. Others have gone for safer streets if they have a booming city night-time economy whilst others have prioritised bringing all the groups in a town together and pulling resources. What's right for Nairn will come from extensive local discussions before any decisions or priorities are agreed.  Other BIDs in Scotland are listed here

Project ideas

Here are just some ideas that the NairnConnects BID could consider.

  • Putting a town back on the tourist map
  • Improving the looks of Nairn
  • Savings on buying costs
  • Year long event calendar
  • Welcome and orientation signs
  • Business training support
  • Working with schools and young people
  • ... what is decided is up to local businesses..........